School Leadership

Board of Directors

OMS Montessori is governed by a Board of Directors, guided by the best interests of students, teachers and staff.

Expectations Of Board Members

Each year the OMS Board meets for a day (on a weekend) over the summer for Board orientation and to establish priorities for the coming year.

The Board Nominating Committee

The OMS Montessori Board Nominating Committee accepts applications from OMS Montessori and The Element High School community.

Welcome to OMS Montessori


OMS Montessori’s unique environment provides our students with the opportunity to excel academically, socially and athletically.  For more than fifty years, we have offered a Montessori education in both official languages. We are the only school to offer a 100% Francophone authentic Montessori program in Ottawa. Within our English classes we offer an enriched French Second Language curriculum, facilitating the development of strong bilingual Montessori students.  Throughout the school year, there are various events to encourage our Francophone students to be proud of their cultural heritage and to expose our English-speaking students to the distinct characteristics of the Francophone culture.


Toddlers (18 months to 3 years of age)

Our Toddlers blossom in a bilingual environment where a minimum of one adult speaks French.  This enables the toddlers  to clearly associate a specific language to one person and encourages them to develop strong oral skills in both languages.  Meals and gathering times are an opportunity to share in both languages.


Casa (3 to 6 years of age) Francophone, English or bilingual Montessori classes

Our Casa environment offers parent three distinct options.  Our Francophone Casa class was designed for children with at least one Francophone parent.  These children are speaking fluent French upon entering the program.

Children who do not speak French may enrol in one of our three English Casa classes where they receive 30 minutes of French lessons four times a week at age 4, and 30 minutes of French lessons 5 times a week when they are 5. Each Casa class also has an assistant who only speaks French to the students.

Our bilingual Casa class is led by two Montessori Directresses (one who speaks French and one who speaks English). This class is the ideal environment for children who understand some French but not enough to qualify for the Francophone class. Ideally, the child has at least one parent who can encourage French at home and are considering enrolling their child in our Francophone Elementary program.


Lower and Upper Elementary programs (grades 1 to 6)

In our Francophone Elementary classes, the students are exposed to an enriched French program, which includes reading, writing and grammar activities. Additionally, the first  and second year students also receive three hours of French Enrichment classes every week. English as a Second language classes begin in the third year. By the time our students reach the Upper Elementary level, they are bilingual and are capable of reading, writing and completing grammar activities at the same level as our Anglophone students. By the age of 12, our students have the skills to succeed at The Element, our High School program, or a Francophone high school of their choice.

Students in our English Elementary program receive French as a Second Language classes in small groups three times a week. Lower Elementary students receive 4.5 hours per week and Upper Elementary students receive 5 hours per week of French as a second language.

Although our French and English Montessori programs are distinct, our students from both programs have the opportunity to interact daily during intramurals, recess and in our aftercare programs. We hold bilingual student assemblies and our Francophone staff chat with all students in French when they meet them in the hall or during their recess duties.

Cultural diversity is a strength! Access to an authentic Montessori education in both official languages gives all our students an incredible advantage. OMS Montessori truly provides an education that is beyond the ordinary!

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