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An Education for Life

OMS Montessori is the only French and English accredited Montessori school in the Ottawa region by the Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators.

Francophone Program

We are the only Montessori school in Ottawa region offering a Montessori education exclusively in French language.

Academic Excellence

Our Montessori program meets and exceeds the Ontario Curriculum; we put an emphasis on the personal and cultural development. Our objective is to reveal the potential of each child.

From 18 months to 18 years

We provide exemplary, affordable Montessori education to Ottawa-area families for children 18 months through High School

World Class Environment

Located on three acres at the eastern edge of Alta Vista, we have an award-winning playground, flower and vegetable gardens, and an extensive library.

The Francophone Program at OMS Montessori

OMS Montessori is the only school in the Ottawa area to offer an authentic Montessori education in French for over thirty years.

The Francophone program is an enriched program designed specifically for the Francophone student.  Acceptance into the program requires students to be fluent in the language and to have a supportive Francophone family.

CASA (3 to 6 Years)

The Casa Francophone language program includes :

  • Oral language development and enrichment of vocabulary
  • Development of phonetic awareness
  • Learning letters
  • Writing (words, sentences, stories)
  • Reading (phonetic words, phonograms, simple books)
  • Initiation to the function of words (articles, nouns, adjectives, verbs etc.)
  • Simple sentence analysis

ELEMENTARY (6 to 12 Years)

In addition to a full Francophone Montessori curriculum throughout the day, the students receive enrichment and refinement in French language skills through spelling, grammar, writing and reading activities.

The French language program is integrated in cultural subjects such as geography, history, botany, zoology and art.

French is promoted throughout the school with celebrations such as Franco Ontarian Day and Francophone week. These events aim at fostering pride in the cultural heritage of our Francophone students while exposing our general student population to the local, national and international Francophone culture.

Focused Engagement

Focused Engagement

A student in a state of focused engagement is very concentrated, content, and energized rather than tired by the activity. He or she also experiences a strong sense of wellbeing. Because the activities available in a Montessori classroom match the characteristics of each appropriate age, the students work for themselves rather than for the educators. They feel good about themselves and their accomplishments, interact well with one another, and are easily guided by their educators.

Students Learn Through What They Do

Students Learn Through What They Do

A Montessori classroom is set up with a series of sequenced materials and activities that cover all the curricular areas appropriate for the ages it serves. The educator introduces each activity to an individual student or to a small group by demonstrating its use. The educator assesses the students’ understanding and progress by observing the activity, and then plans which presentation to give next to the specific students.

Mixed Age Community

Mixed Age Community

A Montessori classroom is set up for a mixed age group of students who share similar characteristics. Students in a Montessori class naturally learn to interact with peers younger and older than themselves. The mixed age community provides opportunities for all students to be leaders, team players and mentors. The three-year cycle in a Montessori class provides an enriched learning environment, deep relationships between students and educators and a supportive classroom culture.

Three-hour Work Periods

Three-hour Work Periods

Dr. Montessori graphed the levels of concentration she observed in her classrooms and found that the most intense concentration came towards the end of a three-hour work period. During the three-hour work period students receive academic lessons, choose their appropriate work or activities, and are establishing their own personal work habits and concentration.

After a day of enriched academics and after school clubs, students can enjoy family time and social activities.

  • Music
  • Art
  • After School Clubs
An integral aspect of Dr. Montessori's educational philosophy is the fact that children learn best through sensorial experiences; they use their senses to reach natural and logical conclusions. Musical education provides a sensorial and aesthetic experience for children, and engages their tactile, auditory, and visual senses. Musical experiences also provide children with opportunities for collaboration and communication. OMS Montessori offers a high quality music education to its students. Toddler, Casa and Lower Elementary students receive music lessons weekly. Upper Elementary students may choose to join a string or vocal ensemble. The students engage in collaborative initiatives and learn to blend as a group. The numerous performance opportunities allow them to develop grace and courtesy in front of an audience.
OMS has an Art Resource Room for Elementary students’ use. The room has a wide variety of art materials on display and available to students, such as clay, watercolours, acrylics, charcoal, paper-making and marbling. While small groups of students are given group lessons on such things as calligraphy, drawing, painting, sculpting, sewing, book making, etc., and learn about artists like Rembrandt, Picasso, Bateman, and The Group of Seven, individual students may sign out of their classroom and visit the Art Resource Room to work on an art form of their choice. There is often a variety of students in the Art Resource Room doing a variety of art for a variety of purposes (to support a class project, as a gift, greeting or thank you card). Having a space dedicated to art but available to students throughout the day helps our students experience art as an integral part of their lives.
OMS is proud to offer after-school clubs as a compliment to your child’s school day. OMS works closely with local companies to provide students with a variety of opportunities that will actively engage the brain and the body. In a safe familiar environment, students can register for clubs based on sports, arts, music, science, mindfulness, dance and much more. Each club runs on-site for 6-8 weeks from 4:00-5:00 p.m

OMS offers separate French and English programs within a world-class Montessori environment.