Elementary Program (Grades 1-6)

A Conscious Mind

Students between 6 – 12 years of age are entering a new stage of development. The absorbent mind of the younger child is evolving into a conscious mind. Elementary students are interested in reasons, explanations, and the perspective of time; they love grand ideas and lofty concepts— the bigger, the better. They are eager to explore.
Students of elementary age have developed a sure sense of what is real and now enjoy using their imaginations to explore things that they cannot experience concretely, such as other cultures or big ideas. The concrete, manipulative work of the pre-school Casa program naturally gives way to more abstract, intellectual work.
Elementary students are also more aware of their peers, community, and global issues. They are less focused on physical order and more interested in a moral sense of order. They have a strong sense of justice, fairness and rules.

Children who have at least one parent who speaks French at home and are fluent in French have the opportunity to enrol in the Francophone Program


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Parent-Teacher Interviews at OMS

At OMS and The Element, parents and teachers will connect to discuss each students’ learning progress and development. Unlike in…


Opportunities to be dramatic abound in Montessori Elementary classes.


OMS has an Art Resource Room for Elementary students’ use.

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