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Community Focused

High Student-Teacher Ratio

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Consistency from 18 months to 18 years

World class design: indoors and outdoor

Independent Learning

Embracing Montessori Together:
The Role of Teachers, Parents and Our Community

Our Community
Beyond the classroom, the OMS Montessori community offers a cohesive learning environment with real-world experiences, ensuring that education is relevant and grounded. This consistency and support nurtures every child’s holistic development and fosters a life-long respect for others.
As the pillars of the Montessori community, teachers create learning environments where children thrive as independent individuals, build self-confidence, invest in discovery, and share enthusiasm. Keen observation of each student allows teachers to individualize instruction and ignite the potential of every child.
Parents are integral to the OMS Montessori community and collaborate with teachers to create a consistent learning environment that nurtures their child’s growth. Their involvement reinforces values, supports social skills, and cultivates a lifelong love for learning.