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When children are picked-up at the end of their day, they do not have to go elsewhere for lessons’ says School Director. ‘They can have dinner with their family, talk about their day, and share that social time.

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OMS Montessori is the only school that offers an authentic Montessori education in French for well over thirty years. The quality of the French language is a priority at OMS Montessori. In order to qualify for the Francophone program, the student must speak and comprehend French as well as a Francophone student. At OMS Montessori, French is also encouraged throughout the school. Each year students from the Francophone and English programs participate in celebrations for the Franco Ontarian Day and the Francophone week. Celebrations such as these aim at promoting pride in the cultural heritage of our Francophone students while exposing the rest of our student population to the local, national and international Francophone culture.
OMS Montessori is one of the three accredited Montessori school in Ottawa region by the Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators. Because the Montessori name is in the public domain, any school can call itself a Montessori school even if it offers education that differs from Montessori philosophy and standards of practice. We offer an authentic Montessori approach in education: the teacher is there as a guide or facilitator to really nurture education. Montessori’s philosophy and principles of respect, individuality and experiential learning remain at the core of the school curriculum.
In a Montessori classroom, students are free to work on their choice of activity after lessons and with whom they will collaborate but they must demonstrate engagement in the work. Music is one of the many subjects a student can choose to explore. All students receive weekly lessons in small groups from a professional jazz musician. Music pieces presented during these lessons are immediately ready on the shelf for the students to use. We have ukuleles available and students are responsible for keeping the instruments tuned and in good repair.
OMS has an Art Resource Room for Elementary students’ use. The room has a wide variety of art materials on display and available to students, such as clay, watercolours, acrylics, charcoal, paper-making and marbling. While small groups of students are given group lessons on such things as calligraphy, drawing, painting, sculpting, sewing, book making, etc., and learn about artists like Rembrandt, Picasso, Bateman, and The Group of Seven, individual students may sign out of their classroom and visit the Art Resource Room to work on an art form of their choice. There is often a variety of students in the Art Resource Room doing a variety of art for a variety of purposes (to support a class project, as a gift, greeting or thank you card). Having a space dedicated to art but available to students throughout the day helps our students experience art as an integral part of their lives.
OMS is proud to offer after-school clubs as a compliment to your child’s school day. OMS works closely with local companies to provide students with a variety of opportunities that will actively engage the brain and the body. In a safe familiar environment, students can register for clubs based on sports, arts, music, science, mindfulness, dance and much more. Each club runs on-site for 6-8 weeks from 4:00-5:00 p.m