From Maria Montessori’s brilliant education design , our school was founded in 1966.  A project created and carried out by Kate Wells and her husband. The first Ottawa Montessori School was located in the New Edinburg/Rockliffe Park area and taught by Ms. Jeanne Van Dijk a Dutch woman who trained under Dr. Maria Montessori.

Over a number of years, the school grew to four locations, including both English and French Casa classes. In 1973, Beth Mackay opened the first Elementary Class.  Several years later, the Upper Elementary class was opened by Pat McLaughlin. Our francophone Lower Elementary programme saw the light of day in the late seventies under the tutelage of Erna Handa.

In 1998, Monica Pecek opened the first French Upper Elementary Class. Another stage of our current OMS school was started by Susan Jones, who created the original Toddler Community.

Eventually, the four locations combined into our current  Alta Vista campus which has undergone several renovations to create a beautiful Montessori community.

Most recently,  in 2014, our High School program, The Element, was created by Pat Gere.  This second campus of OMS was opened in the Glebe.

In September 2019, our first Bilingual Casa Class will open, under the leadership of Carrie Whalen , our current Head of Schools.

Of over thirty self-proclaimed Montessori schools in Ottawa, OMS Montessori is one of only three CCMA accredited schools, and is recognized as a leading Montessori school in Canada.