Head’s Welcome


When we ask our students, ‘What is the advantage of being a Montessori student or graduate?’, the answer always includes words such as: ‘I love school’, ‘I love my teachers’, ‘ I get to choose my work’, ‘I can learn at a grade level or two ahead’. A Montessori student is motivated, self directed, engaged, confident, empathetic and passionate about the world around them. Our students excel academically through team work and independent work.

OMS Montessori was established in 1966 and is the oldest Montessori school in Ottawa. We are the only accredited English, francophone and bilingual Montessori school in the area. Our students flourish in a rich Montessori environment located in a unique facility, under the trees of a natural award winning playground in the centre of our nation’s capital.

I welcome you to visit us to learn more about our nationally accredited Montessori School and how we can help your child experience the Montessori advantage.

Carrie Whalen
Head of School