Francophone Program

The Francophone Program at OMS Montessori

Part of the OMS Mission is to provide exemplary, affordable Montessori education to Ottawa area families for children from 18 months through High School. We provide comparable opportunities whenever possible for Ottawa area Francophone families. OMS Montessori is the only school that offers an authentic Montessori education in French for well over thirty years.

The quality of the French language is a priority at OMS Montessori. In order to qualify for the Francophone program, the student must speak and comprehend French as well as a Francophone student. One of the students’ parent must also speak French at home on a regular basis. We meet each student before accepting them in the Francophone program to ensure that these conditions are met. As of September 2019, Casa students (ages 3 to 6) who do not qualify for the Francophone program will be able to enroll in our bilingual class in order to improve their French and possibly integrate the Francophone program at the Elementary level.


Our Casa (3 to 6-year old’s) language program includes :

  • Oral language development and enrichment of vocabulary
  • Development of phonetic awareness
  • Learning letters
  • Writing (words, sentences, stories)
  • Reading (phonetic words, phonograms, simple books)
  • Initiation to the function of words (articles, nouns, adjectives, verbs etc.)
  • Simple sentence analysis


In addition to specific lessons relating to the French language in the Montessori program, Francophone students receive Enrichment of French classes which include a wide range of engaging writing and reading activities.


Upper Elementary students (grades 4 to 6), refine their French language skills through spelling, grammar, writing and reading activities.

Our French language program is also integrated in our cultural subjects such as geography, history, botany, zoology and art throughout our programs at all levels.

At OMS Montessori, French is also encouraged throughout the school. Each year students from the Francophone and English programs participate in celebrations for the Franco Ontarian Day and the Francophone week. Celebrations such as these aim at promoting pride in the cultural heritage of our Francophone students while exposing the rest of our student population to the local, national and international Francophone culture.