Montessori and Compassion

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By: Pat Garneau, Director of the English Program Last week, a younger Upper Elementary boy fell and bumped his chin on the floor resulting in the possibility that he might need stitches. He was very worried about this, asking if there were going to be needles, would it hurt and so on. While we were […]


Recess in the Casa Playground

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By: Pat Garneau, Director of the English Program On the first day of school, I had the pleasure of doing yard duty in the Casa playground. It was a beautiful summer’s day albeit hot, the flowers were in bloom, there was lush greenery in all the garden beds, particularly the feathery willow bushes, bumblebees were […]


Working Title: Undecided

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If you were lucky enough to take in some of the Fringe Festival in June, you may have seen an original one woman play co-created and performed by alumna student Tamlynn Bryson. The play, entitled “Working Title: Undecided” (which Tamlynn jokingly confirms is the real title) started as a short statement to a friend but […]


End of Year Trips

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Every year, we take our Upper Elementary students on an end of year, overnight trip. This is a long-standing tradition at our school, and one our students look forward to from the second they hear about it (which in some cases is when their older siblings go years before it’s their turn!). This year, our […]


National Day of Sweden and Geography in the Casa Curriculum

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Today is the National Day of Sweden and a perfect opportunity to reflect on geography in the Casa curriculum… OMS students start learning Geography in Casa by being introduced to the globe, and then control maps. At this time, we start teaching them about the people/cultures and fauna of the various continents/countries, as well as […]


Guests at OMS Montessori

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Our parents know that OMS Montessori offers an education beyond the ordinary, but this is recognized on an international level as well. Every year, we receive requests from student teachers and institutes interested in visiting, observing and teaching at our school. This year, we had three student teachers, each of whom visited for a month. We […]


Relay Track Meet

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OMS Montessori organized a Relay Track Meet on behalf of the Ottawa Independent Schools Athletic Association last week. The event was held at the Terry Fox Athletic Facility where 8 schools participated in relay events from 80 m to 800 m in distance. Some students from The Element volunteered at the event and ensured that […]


Science Fair

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Science Fair projects are about fostering curiosity and using the scientific method. For this project, students take the role of scientists, choosing topics or questions they want to research. Students are responsible for a write-up describing their hypothesis, a list of materials, procedure, results and conclusion. For more pictures, visit our facebook page:


OMS Montessori “Cleans the Capital”

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It takes a glass bottle one million years to decompose students learned at OMS Montessori on Earth Day. Students at The Element High School, an extension of OMS Montessori, led an Earth Day assembly at the Alta Vista campus, where they told the younger students that it also takes plastic bottles 450 years, an aluminum […]


Growing Together Gala

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