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An OMS Montessori education will change the way your child approaches life and its challenges — forever!

OMS Montessori is a CCMA accredited private school offering an authentic Montessori education in Ottawa, Ontario. Since 1966 we have dedicated ourselves to creating joyful learning and focused engagement for students of all ages. Student engagement enhances learning, social interactions and personal development. OMS students naturally strive to do and be their best, while supporting their peers to do the same.

OMS Montessori, a not-for-profit corporation, serves children from 18 months through High School and offers English and Francophone programs. We are a leader in education and provide our students with an education beyond the ordinary.

Thank you for your time, your passion, and your dedication to teaching our children in the wonderful and caring way that you do. You have taught them to be creative and to express themselves in new ways. As a result our children are confident and motivated among many more great qualities that they have acquired under your leadership at OMS. — Leena Patel, Mother of former Junior High student

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